Teacher Leadership Cohort

In 2017, the Center for Science & Mathematics Education created the Teacher Leadership Cohort (TLC) from a select group of Elementary STEM Endorsement¬†(ESE) program graduates. The year-long TLC program for in-service teachers is designed to build teachers’ capacity to implement the content and skills learned in the ESE program. TLC members participate in a variety of leadership development activities, including:

  • Practicing protocols from business and non-profit sectors to problem-solve complex interpersonal dynamics
  • Developing ways to analyze student work with a focus on meaningful formative assessment for individual students
  • Meeting with legislators to discuss ways to improve communication surrounding public education
  • Building self-care plans to help regulate emotional responses to students’ needs and behavior

For additional information about the TLC, please contact us.

Above, TLC teachers meet with Utah state legislators in 2017.