The U Building Excellence in Elementary STEM

Our final U-BEES cohort is now in session! Please check back in January 2020 about how to support teachers in accessing this training.

The UofU Building Excellence in Elementary STEM (U-BEES: formerly known as the Elementary STEM Endorsement) is a six-course, 18-credit, 2-year, cohort-based program.  These courses are designed to increase in-service K-6 teachers’ science and applied mathematics content knowledge, confidence, and capacity to facilitate meaningful science experiences that integrate technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in K-6 classrooms.

U-BEES courses focus on STEM CONTENT: learning about, with, and from STEM disciplines.  The coursework is also designed to help classroom teachers develop pedagogical content knowledge to be able to facilitate student-focused STEM experiences in their classrooms.  Courses are rigorous and involve out-of-class assignments.  U-BEES is a great fit for teachers who are excited to learn far beyond what they teach at grade level, who are interested in learning from and building relationships with University of Utah professors, and who appreciate the support of a collaborative cohort as they work to improve their instruction.

Required Coursework:

  • The Nature of Science & Engineering  (Fall, Year 1) – Classes held on Tuesdays 4:30-7:30 for cohort starting Fall 2019
  • Data Analysis & Problem Solving* (Spring, Year 1)
  • Energy in STEM for Elementary Teachers (3-Week Summer,Year 1)
  • Matter in STEM for Elementary Teachers (same 3-Week Summer,Year 1)
  • Forces in STEM for Elementary Teachers (Fall,Year 2)
  • STEM Practices (Spring, Year 2)

*Teachers who have the exact course title “Data Analysis & Problem Solving” on a transcript from a recent Math endorsement may be excused from enrolling in this course.

Total program cost to participant $2850.

Teachers in the following schools are eligible for 100% subsidy tuition (pay 1/2 tuition up front, be reimbursed after completing all 6 courses):

  • Bacchus (Granite School District)
  • Carl Sandburg (Granite School District)
  • David Gourley (Granite School District)
  • Granger (Granite School District)
  • Guadalupe
  • Hillsdale (Granite School District)
  • Jackling (Granite School District)
  • Lincoln (Granite School District)
  • Midvale (Canyons School District)
  • Moss (Granite School District)
  • Pioneer (Granite School District)
  • Redwood (Granite School District)
  • Roosevelt (Granite School District)
  • South Kearns (Granite School District)
  • Truman (Granite School District)
  • West Kearns (Granite School District)
  • Woodrow Wilson (Granite School District)

For more information, contact: ubees@csme.utah.edu