Hugo Rossi Lecture Series seeks nominations

  The CSME is now accepting nominations for the 2017-2018 Hugo Rossi Lecture Series!   The Lecture Series is designed to bridge the College of Science and College of Education. In 2017-2018, CSME will host up to 6 speakers whose research focuses on math/science undergraduate education and/or the preparation of math/science teachers.   For additional information […]

Navajo Math Circles documentary screening at UofU

The Association for Women in Mathematics and the Center for Science and Mathematics Education are pleased to announce a showing of the documentary film: Navajo Math Circles Directed by George Paul Csicsery Highlighting the special connections between Navajo culture, natural beauty, and mathematics, the Navajo Math Circles project summons applications of math in Native culture […]

Ilana Horn – Hugo Rossi Lecture

<<Hugo Rossi Lecture Series An Asset-Orientation is Everything: How Strengths-Based Approaches to Math Teaching Help Teachers and Students Ilana Horn, Vanderbilt University March 29, 2017 This presentation was co-hosted by CSME and the College of Education View the video, below, or download the presentation files here. Abstract: I describe key findings emphasizing the centrality of math […]

Jenny Knight – Hugo Rossi Lecture (Feb 23)

<<Hugo Rossi Lecture Series Improving student learning through understanding reasoning and problem solving practices Jenny Knight – University of Colorado, Boulder February 23, 2017 This presentation is co-hosted by CSME and the Department of Biology. Abstract: Classroom practices affect student behavior, and by extension, their learning.  Through studying how students discuss clicker questions in active learning classrooms, […]

Cynthia Passmore – Hugo Rossi Lecture (Feb 2)

<<Hugo Rossi Lecture Series Learning about versus figuring out: Engaging students in the practice of modeling in the science classroom Cynthia Passmore – University of California, Davis February 2, 2017 Co-hosted by CSME and the College of Education Abstract: Abstract: In America’s diverse classrooms, teachers of science are being asked to attend to and foster student […]

Nominate a 2016-2017 guest speaker

    The Hugo Rossi Lecture Series (HRLS) is seeking nominations for guest speakers during the 2016-2017 academic year. Nominations are being accepted from the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy, and the College of Education.   The HRLS is designed to bridge the College of Science and College of Education by attracting speakers whose scholarly […]

David Laude – Hugo Rossi Lecture

<<Hugo Rossi Lecture Series Creating a Campus Culture Where Every Student Graduates David A. Laude – The University of Texas at Austin April 15, 2016 View the video below, or click here to download the presentation slides.       Professor David Laude presents an argument that the collaborative partnership between administrators, faculty and students […]

Mary Pat Wenderoth – Hugo Rossi Lecture

<<Hugo Rossi Lecture Series End of Lecture: The Future of Evidence-based Teaching Mary Pat Wenderoth – University of Washington Friday, April 8, 2016 Resources: Teaching Resources from the Biology Education Research Group Presentation slides   Abstract: We recently published a meta-analysis of 225 papers that compared student performance under active learning versus lecturing in undergraduate courses […]

Carol Gross – Hugo Rossi Lecture

<<Hugo Rossi Lecture Series Participation of Women in Science: Problems and Solutions Carol Gross – University of California San Francisco March 23, 2016 Co-Sponsored by: Curie Club and ACCESS Breakout group discussion after the presentation generated a list of recommendations for the University of Utah. Watch the video of Dr. Gross’ presentation, below, or download […]