STEM Week at the U










The Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CSME) is launching a new program – STEM for U Week (November 4-8, 2013)  – to bridge the College of Science Science Day ( Nov. 2) and the College of Engineering Engineering Day ( Nov. 9). The goal of STEM for U Week is to build connections between the U of U and the broader community while introducing grade school students to STEM content, role models, and careers.

During STEM for U Week, the CSME will connect faculty members (scientists, mathematicians, and engineers) with K-12 classrooms. Each participating faculty member will visit a classroom for approximately 30 minutes.  Faculty are welcome to discuss their research, career path, interest in science, or how their work relates to current issues. Hands-on activities and demonstrations that involve the K-12 students are highly encouraged.

STEM for U Week has room for a few additional faculty participants. The CSME will provide transportation and can also assist with developing age-appropriate activities. Faculty members who are interested in participating may contact the CSME at or 801-585-0677.