Sports ‘n Science



Sports ‘n Science (SnS) was created in 2012 as a collaborative effort between the University of Utah Athletics Department and the Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CSME).

The mission of SnS is to strengthen the connection between sports and science at the University of Utah and within the broader community. SnS brings the sports and science fields together in unique and innovative ways to encourage people to recognize the role of science in their everyday lives. SnS has brought science activities to afterschool programs, summer camps, and physical education classes. Current program offerings include:

Educational website. The SnS website contains a wealth of information about the science behind sports. The scientific information is tiered in complexity, so that all audiences – from elementary school students, to the general public, to science professionals – can find information appropriate for their needs. University of Utah faculty, staff, and graduate students continue to contribute to the website’s scientific content.

Public awareness campaign. SnS promotes its mission by connecting sports and science in visible ways. Posters depicting a scientist and athlete side-by-side demonstrate the pairing of sports and science. Posters are distributed to local schools and are available at community events. SnS also produces videos that feature University of Utah athletes and scientists explaining the science behind the sports.

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