Grade 6-12 Science/Math Teaching:




Secondary math and science teachers are grade 6-12 educators with licensure in specific subject areas. The University of Utah offers two pathways to secondary licensure in math and science:

a) for undergraduates (or post-baccalaureate students)
b) for graduate students


a) Undergraduate (or post-baccalaureate) Pathway

1) Pursue a Bachelor’s degree with a Teaching Major* that corresponds with the subject area you wish to teach. Teaching Majors are offered in the following math/science departments:

*Students are encouraged to also pursue a Teaching Minor in a second subject.

2) Complete the Secondary Teacher Licensure Program through the Urban Institute for Teacher Education (UITE). The licensure program may be completed in conjunction with the Bachelor’s degree, or afterwards.

If you are an undergraduate interested in the undergraduate pathway to licensure, it is important to plan ahead and work closely with your advisor.

b) Graduate Pathway

  1. Complete a Bachelor’s degree that includes math/science coursework equivalent to the math and science courses required for the Teaching Major in the subject you wish to teach.
  2. Pursue a Master of Education (in Education Leadership & Policy or Education, Culture & Society) and complete the Secondary Teacher Licensure Program through the Urban Institute for Teacher Education (UITE). Or, if specifically interested in mathematics, you may pursue the M.S. in Mathematics Teaching (track 1) with Alternative Route to Licensure offered through the Department of Mathematics.

Teachers who are already licensed may be interested in the Master of Science for Secondary School Teachers (MSSST) program and/or the M.S. in Mathematics Teaching (track 2).


Please note: This information is provided as a general resource. Contact the University of Utah math/science departments and the Urban Institute for Teacher Education for the most up-to-date information.

Updated 11/2015