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REFUGES offers afterschool activities in collaboration with community organizations, schools, and parents. The program provides academic support, tutoring and mentoring, college and career readiness, financial aid application workshops, hands-on science and math workshops, field trips, and mentoring to underrepresented middle and high school students (grades 7-12).

  • The University of Utah REFUGES afterschool program operates on-campus and includes:
    • Sudanese Youth in Action (SYA) for students in grades 7-9 – a community-based afterschool program affiliated with the Sudanese Community in Utah.
    • Transitions for Refugee Youth (TRY) for students in grades 10-12, a community-based afterschool program affiliated with refugee community organizations, including: Sudanese Community in Utah, Association of Sierra Leoneans, Burmese Community, Karen Community, Burundi Community, Congolese Community, Ethiopian Community, Iraqi Community, Liberian United in Utah, Rwandese Community, Somali Bantu Association, Somali Community, United Africans of Utah, Utah Eritrea Connection.

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