Pedagogical strategies to increase students’ engagement and motivation (Jan 11)


Claudia De Grandi

Thursday, January 11

12:00 noon

INSCC 110 (Auditorium)

Light lunch served at 11:30 in the INSCC Lobby



With the goal of improving STEM accessibility and inclusivity, I and my collaborators have implemented a series of pedagogical interventions to increase students’ engagement and learning in an introductory physics course geared to life science and pre-medical students. Active learning and collaboration were promoted during the lectures via several in-class strategies, including weekly 10-minute quizzes, clicker questions, group quizzes and special activities. Metacognition was encouraged by prompting students to reflect on their mistakes via optional exam correction assignments. In addition, self-motivation was prompted by reflections on mindset (fixed versus growth) and the consequences of in-class multitasking. The course also features two key outside-of-class resources, namely peer tutoring and evening study-halls. I will discuss students’ responses to these different class variables and highlight the successes and challenges of increasing engagement and performance.