Undergraduate Success

The Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CSME), in collaboration with the College of Science and numerous on- and off-campus partners, promotes the academic success and career readiness of undergraduate students in math and science at the University of Utah. CSME initiatives focus on providing supportive environments, increasing degree completion rates, and preparing students to succeed in their pursuits after graduation. The CSME supports students throughout their academic careers by facilitating transitions to the University of Utah, providing unique educational opportunities, and promoting effective instructional approaches.

Support for Incoming & Transfer Students

Math and science majors benefit from opportunities to connect with university resources and complete required courses early in their academic career. CSME provides support for incoming students through:

  • A bridge program to provide social support and pre-requisite math and science coursework for incoming underserved freshmen, particularly those of refugee backgrounds (REFUGES Bridge).
  • Inclusive curricula and improved degree pathways for pre-transfer and post-transfer students from Salt Lake Community College (Utah Pathways in STEM Initiative).
  • Unique educational and research opportunities for academically talented, financially challenged, and diverse incoming undergraduate students (U-S2TEM, offered in partnership with the Global Change and Sustainability Center).
Opportunities to Apply Math & Science

Students are more likely to persist in math and science majors and achieve success after graduation if they have early opportunities to apply their knowledge. CSME coordinates opportunities such as:

Initiatives to Promote Best Practices in Instruction

CSME improves undergraduate instruction by promoting curriculum best practices and evidence-based instructional techniques. CSME’s programs and initiatives include:

Additional information is available in our Resources section, including items for U of U students and U of U faculty/instructors, as well as related literature and a list of all CSME programs.