Jessica Cleeves

Jessica Cleeves
Associate Director of Equitable Instruction and Clinical Support
(801) 585-1299
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About Jess

Jess supports teachers to hone practices and expand socio-emotional skill sets towards increasing confidence and pedagogical content knowledge. Jess manages all in-service teacher programming offered through CSME. Current programs include: the U Building Excellence in Elementary STEM (U-BEES), Master of Science for Secondary School Teachers (MSSST), and the College-wide Learning Assistant (LA) program. Jess developed and teaches SCI 5050 (Science of Learning) and has also developed additional professional development opportunities for teachers, such as the Teacher Leadership Cohort for U-BEES graduates, and the SEEd Swap to provide teachers with training on the new 6-8th grade Science with Engineering Education (SEEd) standards. Jess was recently selected for the Harvard Young American Leaders Program and received the 2018 UtSTA Higher Education Award.

Jess’ training, experience, and professional goals are focused on building instructor capacity to design and implement inclusive, compelling instruction. She began her career in Conservation Biology and transitioned to secondary science education. Jess worked in Title 1 secondary science classrooms in California, Colorado, and Utah and joined CSME in 2016 after a decade working as a full-time teacher, earning National Board Certication, and supporting impacted schools and teachers as an instructional coach. Jess holds a BS in Ecology (San Francisco State University), MAT in Secondary Science Education (Stanford University), and MSW (University of Utah).