Jacqueline Broida

Jacqueline Broida
College of Science Internship Coordinator
(801) 581-7203



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About Jacqueline

Jacqueline joined CSME in Fall 2018 and is responsible for managing and growing the College of Science Internship program. The internship program was launched in 2016 to provide skill development and career exploration opportunities to undergraduate students. In her short time at CSME, Jacqueline has added several additional employers to the internship program, increased student recruitment, developed participation incentives, and revamped program marketing efforts. She serves on the University-wide Internship Council.

Jacqueline’s areas of expertise are in internship programming, internship development, and relationship-building with students, employers, and stakeholders. Prior to joining CSME, she was a Senior Internships Program Manager for International Studies Abroad in Colorado. Jacqueline has also worked in human resources and customer service positions. She holds a BA in Anthropology (Miami University) and an MA in Biological Anthropology (University of Colorado at Boulder).