Apply to be an LA

Thank you for your interest in the Learning Assistant (LA) Program! Before applying for an LA position, please review the information on the LA program page.


Fall 2018 LAs will work up to 10 hours per week and will be paid $11 per hour. LAs will:

  • Be a part of the instructional team in transformed courses
  • Work with groups of students on group-worthy activities
  • Assist learners rather than teachers (LAs will┬áNOT grade student work)
  • Meet with their instructional team (instructor, TAs, LAs) every week to plan instruction
  • Enroll in a 1-credit class (SCI 5050 – The Science of Learning). The LA program will cover the cost of tuition for this course. Once LA candidates are selected, a day and time for the class will be mutually agreed upon


LAs will be selected based on merit, demonstrated interest in teaching, and schedule availability.


For Fall 2018, the Center for Science & Mathematics Education will coordinate the application process for LAs in Biology (BIOL 1610) and Physics & Astronomy (PHYS 2010, 2020, 2210, 2220, 2015, 2025, 2215, 2225). Students interested in LA positions with these departments should follow the application instructions, below. Students who wish to work with other departments in the College of Science should contact the department LA coordinators.


To apply for a Fall 2018 position as a Learning Assistant in BIOL or PHYS courses, complete these steps by 11:59pm on 6/22/18:

  1. Obtain a recommendation from a faculty member. Ask him/her to submit the recommendation using the online form available here: (Please note: If you have previously taken SCI 5050, you do NOT need to obtain a faculty recommendation).
  2. Complete the student application form. The application asks for the following information:
    • Contact information
    • Major, GPA, and anticipated graduation date
    • An explanation of your interest in being an LA
    • Previous experience teaching, tutoring, or mentoring others
    • A statement about the unique qualities, skills and experiences you can bring to the LA program
    • Previous courses taken
    • Schedule availability
    • Name and contact information of the faculty member who will submit a recommendation form on your behalf.


Questions? Contact