Internship Courses

College of Science students can earn university credit for their internships. Reasons you may want to earn credit for your internship include:

  • Receiving additional credits to have enough for graduation
  • Adding additional credits to meet financial aid requirements
  • Completing major elective credit
  • Completing a lab requirement
  • Completing a graduation requirement (Gen Ed)
  • CPT requirements

All courses are online and designed to complement and enhance your internship experience. The courses MUST be taken at the time you are actually interning, so interested students are encouraged to look into these course opportunities early in their academic career/internship experience. If you are currently working long-term in a position related to your degree, you may be able to earn credit for your experience even though it is not a typical internship experience.  The courses available and what they count for may vary by major and internship position. Available courses and brief descriptions are below. For more detailed information and to discuss what might be best in your individual case, make an appointment and discuss course options with your academic advisor.


Course Options:


Available starting Spring 2020.

SCI 4965 is open to all College of Science students. Before being approved for the course, students must have a qualifying internship experience. This can be found through the CoS Internship Program (Track A or B), Handshake, Learning Abroad, through your own network, or anywhere else. If you hold a full- or part-time position that relates to your major, you may be able to enroll in the course with that experience as well.

The course is worth 1-4 credits and could count towards a lab requirement, depending on your internship experience.

For more information contact Jacqueline Broida, SCI 4965 instructor, at


Biology and BUS Wildlife Ecology majors can earn credit for internships through BIOL 4965. This course can count from 1-3 credits depending on the number of hours at the internship and can count as either elective credit or a lab credit, depending on the internship tasks and responsibilities.

This course can fill up quickly, so interested students are encouraged to reach out as early as possible. More information about the course can be found on the Biology Internships and CEL website and by contacting the instructor, Amy Sibul, at


CHEM 4965 is an option for Chemistry majors who are interning in a laboratory environment and this course does count towards degree requirements. The course is run through the Career & Professional Development Center and students must receive a registration code from their academic advisor to participate.

For more information, contact:

Tascha Knowlton, Chemistry Advisor, at


Crystal Cory, CHEM 4965 course instructor, at


CSIP is an internship course offered to all majors through the Career & Professional Development Center. The course is unlikely to count towards degree requirements but can help you earn credit towards graduation requirements and to have enough credit for financial aid purposes.  It may also be a good option for students who need to earn credit for their internships for CPT requirements.

For more information, see the CSIP website or contact Carmen Gold-Johnson at