Graduation Cords

Report an Internship

Thank you for taking the time to report your internship! The College of Science would like to recognize your achievement at graduation with a special cord.

Criteria for receiving a graduation cord

• You interned for a minimum of 100 hours
• You had a supervisor or a mentor to whom you regularly reported
• You can identify a skill or set of skills gained from the experience
• You can articulate how the internship complemented your degree, added to your university experience and/or impacted your future career plans
  • Your Information

    This section collects some brief information about the person interning.
  • Internship Information

    This section requests information about your employer.
  • Enter the name of the company/organization you worked for. For university positions, it may be more descriptive to enter the lab or department name.
  • Enter the name of your internship position. (Examples: "Data Analytics Intern," "Processing Technician," "Curriculum Development")
  • The format should be beginning month and year-end month and year (example: January 2019-March 2019). If your internship is still in progress, leave the end date blank (example: April 2020-).
    This information will not be shared with your employer.
  • If there is anything else you would like the College of Science to know about your experience, please enter the information here. This information will not be shared with your employer without your permission.