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About the Internship Program

The College of Science Internship Program is offered for University of Utah College of Science undergraduate students and is administered by the Center for Science & Mathematics Education. The program operates each semester: Fall (September – December), Spring (February – April), and Summer (May – August). Our goal is to connect qualified students with internships and short-term employment opportunities.


We wish to make this experience a positive one for both the student and the employer. Read below for more information about the program, or feel free to contact us. If you have already reviewed this information, click here to submit an internship/job posting to our job board.

Upcoming Dates & Deadlines:

Summer 2018 Internships:

  • May 14, 2018: Internships begin (start date varies by employer)
  • Aug 3, 2018: Mandatory symposium at the UofU for students in the Summer program; College of Science Summer Internship Program ends. (Employers may choose to offer internships that extend beyond this date).

Fall 2018 Internships (subject to change):

  • Aug 9, 2018: Last day for employers to submit position announcements to the job board
  • Aug 14, 2018: Student application cycle opens
  • Sept 7, 2018: Employers receive pre-screened student applications and begin making selections
  • Sept 25, 2018: Deadline for employers to make hiring decisions
  • Sept 28, 2018: Mandatory job-readiness orientation at the UofU for students who have accepted internship offers (this event is for students only)
  • Oct 1, 2018: Internships begin (start date varies by employer)
  • Dec 7, 2018: Mandatory symposium at the UofU for students in the Fall program; program ends. (Employers may choose to offer internships that extend beyond this date).

Frequently Asked Questions

As an employer, how do I join the program?
To join the program, simply submit a posting announcement by completing our online submission form,  which includes a description of the posting and an electronic signature on the Internship Agreement. We recommend that you generate a position description that gives clear and concrete examples of the intern’s responsibilities. The online submission form allows you to select minimum qualifications including college major, year in school, and prior coursework. When deciding on minimum qualifications, be aware that younger students will have had less math/science exposure. If you have questions about typical coursework, please contact us.

If you would like assistance in developing an internship posting, please contact us.

When do student positions start?

Students who accept internships/jobs through the College of Science Internship Program are required to participate in a mandatory job-readiness orientation at the University of Utah before beginning their positions. This orientation will address the basics of workplace behavior, expectations, and professionalism. See the dates and deadlines above for schedule information. If you require a different start date, please contact us.

How long should student positions be?

The College of Science Internship Program offers support to the employer and student during the internship period listed in the Dates & Deadlines above (generally 10-12-weeks). If you would like a longer-term intern/employee, enter your desired end date on the online submission form, and we will add that information to your posting. After the 10-12 week internship period, your intern/employee will participate in our symposium, and our facilitation of the internship will end. Employers and students are welcome to make their own arrangements for continuing the internship afterwards.

How many hours per week should the student work?

As the employer, this is up to you. Internships/jobs may be full or part-time. During the school year, we recommend 5-20 hours per week, although students may be interested in working more hours if they are compensated. During the summer, student schedules are more flexible, and we recommend internships between 10-40 hours per week.

Should the positions be paid?

We strongly encourage employers to offer paid opportunities when possible. It is up to the employer to determine appropriate compensation. To determine whether or not a position should be paid, employers should review the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Keep in mind that even if a student chooses to pursue academic credit for the internship, he/she may still be entitled to compensation under the FLSA.

Does the College of Science Internship Program provide funding to student interns?

For Summer 2018, we are pleased to offer funding to student interns in our program. Students who work at least 100 hours at an unpaid position for a non-profit or government agency, and who meet program requirements, are eligible for $1,000 in funding. Hours spent engaged in lobbying activities or fundraising activities do not count towards the 100 hour total. Students in other types of internships are eligible for up to $200 in funding. These funds will be paid directly to the student. Click here for more information. 

Are there specific guidelines/policies for this program?

Since the student will be employed by your company/organization, you should adhere to your organization’s own policies and guidelines for hiring and employment practices. Specific policies for the College of Science Internship program are outlined in the Internship Agreement on the online submission form. You may preview the Internship Agreement here.

We believe that an ideal internship is one which provides an opportunity for a student to develop new skills and contribute to meaningful work assignments. For many students, the internship will be their first professional work experience. We recommend that you give them a clear orientation to the company culture at the start of their internship. Additionally, we recommend that students have a primary supervisor and work with him/her to develop clear goals, projects, and expectations.  Students will benefit from frequent feedback from their supervisor/mentor.  If you have concerns about your intern’’s performance that you are unable to address, please contact us.

What happens after I submit a posting online?

Once your form is submitted, we will review it for completeness and may contact you if there are questions about the details of the position. Once this review is complete, we will post the position on our job board. We will receive all of the student applications and will pre-screen applicants for minimum academic criteria (at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, successful completion of at least 30 credit hours, a declared College of Science major, and current matriculation status) and the minimum qualifications that you include in your posting (specific major, class standing, prior coursework). We will send you the applications of all qualified candidates who are interested in your position. You will then conduct your own screening process and extend an offer by the deadline if you find a suitable candidate. Students may apply to multiple internship opportunities, which could mean that they receive multiple offers, so it may be in your best interest to move quickly. When an offer is accepted, we ask that you notify us of the student’s name and his/her supervisor’s contact information. If you do not see any applicants that you wish to hire, there is no obligation to extend an offer. While we do not expect it to happen, it is possible that no students will apply to your internship.

What happens during the internship/employment period?

Before your intern’s first day, we will conduct a job-readiness orientation with them. Once the position begins, we will send the student’s supervisor periodic emails to check in on the student’s progress, and we will work to address any issues that arise. We will also check in regularly with the student during this time. At the conclusion of the position, we will hold a symposium where students will report about their experiences. When the program has concluded, we ask that you provide us with some feedback about your experience with our program in general, and the student in particular. We will also collect feedback from the student.

What if I miss the job posting cycle? Can I still get a student employee?

If you miss the deadline and do not wish to wait for the next cycle, please contact us. We can direct you to other on-campus opportunities for advertising your internship opportunity.

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