Hugo Rossi Lecture – D. Feldon


Standing on the Shoulders of Giants:
Using the Lessons of Science to Prepare and Retain Skilled Teachers of Science

David Feldon, Utah State University (12/2/2015)

Despite the recent emphasis on developing a STEM workforce in Utah, the state is struggling to meet the demand for science and mathematics teachers.  While multiple licensure pathways exist for prospective teachers, the training strategies they utilize have not lowered teaching attrition rates.  This talk will explore findings from scientific research into the principles of effective training and the development of expertise that can inform more productive approaches to preparing our educators.


A video of David Feldon’s Hugo Rossi Lecture (Dec 2, 2015) is available below. Click here to download the presentation slides.


Dr. David Feldon is an associate professor of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences and director of the new STE2M Center at Utah State University.  His research examines the development of expertise in STEM disciplines from a cognitive perspective and strategies for effective training for adult learners at various levels of education.  As director of the STE2M Center, he has conducted multiple research studies and evaluations of science education practices in Utah.