David Laude – Hugo Rossi Lecture

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Creating a Campus Culture Where Every Student Graduates

David A. Laude – The University of Texas at Austin
April 15, 2016

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Laude photoProfessor David Laude presents an argument that the collaborative partnership between administrators, faculty and students to improve student success on a college campus should have as its starting point the expectation that every student will graduate. Efforts to create this environment at The University of Texas at Austin have employed predictive analytics, incentive-based scholarship programs, tools for pedagogical and curriculum reform and success programs geared to student mindset, and have resulted in historic highs in student persistence and graduation rates at the University.

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David A. Laude has been a member of the faculty in the College of Natural Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin since 1987. During the first ten years of his tenure at UT Austin, he ran a large research program in mass spectrometry. From 1996-2012 he held various administrative positions in the Dean’s Office of the College of Natural Sciences and served as interim dean. Professor Laude has an established reputation for teaching excellence and curriculum innovation at UT Austin and has received many awards for his teaching, including membership in the Academy of Distinguished Teachers. For the past 17 years, Professor Laude has taught general chemistry in what has become one of the most popular courses on campus, and has the largest enrollment of any course taught in the College of Natural Sciences.

Professor Laude has been a leader in program reform at the undergraduate level at UT Austin for the past 27 years. In 1996, he chaired the original committee that proposed the teacher preparation program known today as UTeach. In 1999, he created the Texas Interdisciplinary Plan as a way to provide a small college-learning environment for students with adversity indicators. Professor Laude was also instrumental in the creation of the Freshman Research Initiative that today enrolls 900 incoming freshman students in the research programs of science faculty.

In 2012 Professor Laude joined the Provost’s Office to champion four-year graduation rates. He developed the 360 Communities program that places all 7200 incoming freshmen in small communities to assist with acclimation to the university, and coordinates assignment of 1500 incoming freshmen from under-resourced backgrounds to freshman success programs. He has redefined the role of Financial Services to support new programs like Summer Bridge and University Leadership Network that further integrate students into the UT Austin community. All of these efforts have contributed to what are now the highest first and second year persistence rates in the university’s history.