Carol Gross – Hugo Rossi Lecture

<<Hugo Rossi Lecture Series

Participation of Women in Science: Problems and Solutions

Carol Gross – University of California San Francisco
March 23, 2016

Co-Sponsored by: Curie Club and ACCESS


There is abundant evidence that women are underrepresented in STEM disciplines. In this talk, I discuss some of the root causes for this situation, document disparities, and present one strategy that has been used successfully to enhance the success of women graduate students and faculty, and should be of broad interest to those interested in reducing disparities.



CGrossCroppedCarol Gross is a Professor at UCSF who studies functional and regulatory networks in bacteria using a combination of genetic, biochemical and genomic approaches. Her other passion is increasing diversity in STEM both by mentoring students/faculty, and developing programs to increase student diversity. She is a member of the NAS and AAAS, and a recipient of the NAS Selman Waksman Award in Microbiology, the AAAS Mentoring Award and the UCSF Martin Luther King Award.