CSME Exchange

A brown-bag discussion for faculty, instructors, and staff


The CSME Exchange provides an informal opportunity to discuss current issues in undergraduate education. Exchange discussions explore best practices, current challenges, and cross-departmental coordination and collaboration. Faculty, staff, post-docs and graduate students from all departments are welcome to participate.


While CSME coordinates the Exchange, the topics and content are driven by participants. Exchanges may follow a variety of formats, such as formal presentations, workshops, book/journal discussions, and informal roundtable discussions. Although Exchanges are generally led by UofU faculty/instructors, guest speakers from outside institutions are welcome.

To submit a topic for a future Exchange, or to volunteer to lead an Exchange, contact outreach@csme.utah.edu or call 801-585-3878. If you would like to receive notification of future Exchanges, join our email list.


2019-2020 Exchanges*

*Starting January 2020, the CSME Exchange will be held in CSC 206

The 2019-2020 CSME Exchange will meet 12:30-1:30pm. Lunch will be provided. Exchanges are scheduled for the following dates:

Previous Exchange Speakers

  • 12/7/18: Tabitha Buehler (Physics & Astronomy), Matt Kieber-Emmons (Chemistry), Naina Phadnis (Biology), Shellie Jo Enscoe (Ed, Leadership and Policy) – The College of Science’s Learning Assistants: Comparing Programs Nationally, Reflecting on Implementation Locally
  • 11/15/18: Kelly MacArthur, Becky Terry and Anna Nelson (University of Utah – Math) – Teacher Training & Community Building: From Graduate Student to Colleague
  • 10/19/18: Claudia De Grandi (University of Utah – Physics) – Managing an Effective Instructional Team: How to Support Your TAs and LAs
  • 9/20/18: Panel Discussion: Current configurations of instructional teams in the CoS
  • 4/5/18: Charles Atwood (University of Utah – Chemistry) – One Last Visit to the Effects of Homework Mediated Metacognition
  • 2/14/18: David Derezotes (University of Utah – Social Work) – Transforming difficult conversations in science and math classrooms into opportunities for learning how to build inclusive communities
  • 1/11/2018: Special ExchangePedagogical strategies to increase students’ engagement and motivation
  • 12/7/2017: Rachel Hayes-Harb, Janis Louie, and Tino Nyawelo (University of Utah) – Working together to enhance mentorship and undergraduate research in the College of Science
  • 11/9/2017: Mike Martineau and Scott Mikos (University of Utah OBIA) – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Utilizing Student Data
  • 10/5/2017: Chandra Turpen (University of Maryland) – Building and Sustaining Learning Assistant Programs
  • 9/14/2017: Leslie Sieburth (University of Utah – Biology) – Biology Curriculum Reform: it takes a village
  • 4/13/2017: Pearl Sandick (University of Utah – Physics & Astronomy) – Supporting women in STEM
  • 3/9/2017: Nalini Nadkarni and Caitlin Weber (University of Utah – Biology) – Engaging the Unengaged: Interdisciplinary Approaches that Bridge Science and Society
  • 2/9/2017: Ann Darling (University of Utah – Undergraduate Studies) – Changes to General Education Courses
  • 1/12/2017: Lauren Barth-Cohen (University of Utah – Education) – Possible models for a STEM education research graduate program
  • 12/8/2016: Jennifer Heemstra (University of Utah – Chemistry) – Can we promote student success by embracing short-term failure?
  • 11/10/2016: David Goldenberg (University of Utah – Biology) – An Integrated Science Core Curriculum? Possibilities and Challenges 
  • 10/20/2016: Charles Atwood (University of Utah – Chemistry) – Improving the Bottom Quartile’s Performance: The Key to Higher Success Rates
  • 9/15/2016: Diane Pataki, Jordan Gerton, Holly Godsey (University of Utah) – Department-Driven Course and Curriculum Improvement RFP
  • 8/11/2016: Karen Krapcho (University of Utah – OSP) Evaluation of “Student Voice” in a Freshman Hybrid/Flipped Classroom
  • 6/16/2016: Pamela Hardin (University of Utah – CTLE) – Why Active Learning? Practices and Problems
  • 5/12/2016: Emina Alibegovic (University of Utah – Mathematics) – Changing the culture in Math 1010
  • 4/14/2016: David Temme (University of Utah – Biology) – How do we help students learn how to think? Perhaps by helping them expand their “common sense toolbox”!
  • 3/10/2016: Jennifer Heemstra (University of Utah – Chemistry) – Increasing access to research opportunities through course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs)
  • 2/11/2016: Charles Atwood (University of Utah – Chemistry) – How we have used Item Response Theory and classroom management to improve student success rates in large general chemistry classes
  • 1/14/2016: Jordan Gerton (University of Utah – Physics & Astronomy) – Structural and pedagogical approaches to support student learning in PHYS 2210 
  • 11/5/2015: Lucy Fortson (University of Minnesota) – Education in and with the Zooniverse Citizen Science Platform