Enriching instructional practices through students’ framing of physics problems (Jan 23)

Deepa Chari
Tuesday, January 23
12:00 noon
Light lunch at 11:30 a.m. in INSCC Lobby


Epistemic framing forms an important part of students’ abilities to learn physics through problem solving. It reveals how students make sense of a given problem and what knowledge is considered appropriate by them to solve that problem. In active learning classrooms, students can be encouraged to discuss their framing in groups before they proceed with problem solving. The instructor and teaching/learning assistants analyze students’ framing to facilitate constructive discussions for productive framing.

In this talk, I will present theoretical framework to analyze students’ framing in math-rich physics problem solving in the introductory and upper-division physics courses. Further, I will discuss the structural arrangements to develop research-informed active learning classrooms with enhanced problem-solving activities.