Emina Alibegovic leads CSME Exchange on May 12

The Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CSME) is pleased to present the CSME Exchange, an interactive brown bag discussion for faculty, students, and staff. The next CSME Exchange is:

Changing the Culture in Math 1010


Emina Alibegovic (Math)
Thursday, May 12, 2016
INSCC room 345
Lunch will be provided!


In this conversation I will share the changes made to Math 1010 over the past several  years. Some of the changes are curricular and  pedagogical, while others are concerned with support and assessment of students’ learning. I will try to relate how these changes are received from students and instructors. I am interested in hearing others’ perspectives on impacting students and instructors’ views of teaching and learning.


Join us for an informal discussion and exchange of ideas!

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