Elementary STEM Endorsement

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The Elementary STEM Endorsement is a collaborative partnership between; the Urban Institute for Teacher Education (UITE), the Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CSME), the STEM Action Center, Granite School District, Salt Lake City School District, and Murray School District.

The six-course, 18-credit Elementary STEM Endorsement  is a 2-year, cohort-based program.  The courses are designed to increase in-service K-6 teachers’ content knowledge, confidence, and capacity to facilitate meaningful experiences that integrate science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in K-6 classrooms.

The focus of the endorsement is STEM CONTENT: learning about, with, and from STEM disciplines.  The coursework is also designed to help classroom teachers develop pedagogical content knowledge to be able to facilitate student-focused STEM experiences in their classrooms.  Courses are rigorous and involve out-of-class assignments.

Required Coursework:

  • The Nature of Science & Engineering  (Fall ‘17)
  • Energy in STEM for Elementary Teachers (Spring ‘18)
  • Matter in STEM for Elementary Teachers (3-Week Summer ‘18, dates TBA)
  • Forces in STEM for Elementary Teachers  (same 3-Week Summer’18, dates TBA)
  • Data Analysis & Problem Solving*  (Fall ‘18)
  • STEM Practices (Spring ‘19)

Tuition for the program is covered by the STEM Action Center and the USOE, but participants will be required to pay a $50 fee per course.
The Elementary STEM Endorsement is currently closed to enrollment.

A future, unsubsidized cohort will be announced late Fall ’17.

For more information, contact:
Granite School District – Megan Black, msblack@graniteschools.org
Salt Lake City School District – Candace Penrod, candace.pendrod@slcschools.org
Murray School District – Kelci Thurman, kthurman@murrayschools.org
Center for Science & Mathematics Education – Jessica Dwyer, jessica.dwyer@utah.edu