CSME wraps up another successful year

The 2016-2017 year was a productive one at CSME and included several key milestones and accomplishments, such as:

  • MSSST graduated 16 students and started a new cohort with 19 more
  • 35 teachers finished the Elementary STEM Endorsement
  • The Workshop on Math and Earth Science from Navajo and Western Perspectives included 19 teacher participants
  • The SEEd Swap was developed
  • 10 teachers participated in authentic research experiences
  • CSME joined the CARET collaborative
  • Africa Meets Africa curriculum developers were brought to Salt Lake City
  • CSME played a leading role in the hiring of 3 new College of Education faculty members
  • REFUGES Afterschool Program served 252 students
  • 724 students competed in the Salt Lake Valley Science and Engineering Fair
  • 18 undergraduates enrolled in STEM Mentors
  • 22 undergraduates were placed in internships
  • REFUGES Bridge program enrolled 15 incoming UofU freshmen
  • CSME facilitated collaboration among three different REU programs
  • A new course designation (“SCI”) was created for inter-cross-disciplinary courses
  • A new science-focused BlockU – the “da Vinci block”- was created
  • Hugo Rossi Lecture Series hosted 4 speakers


For more detailed information and program links, visit our accomplishments page.