CSME Exchange – J. Gerton (Jan 14)


The Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CSME) is pleased to present the CSME Exchange, an interactive brown bag discussion for faculty, students, and staff. The next CSME Exchange is:

Structural and pedagogical approaches to support student learning in PHYS 2210


Jordan Gerton, Director, CSME
Thursday, January 14, 2016
INSCC room 345
Lunch will be provided!




This Exchange will explore the overall structure and pedagogical approach that Jordan has implemented in PHYS 2210 (Classical Mechanics), the first semester of the mainline calculus-based Introductory Physics sequence.  Novel/unusual aspects of the course will be discussed, such as 1) exposing students to the physical scenarios they will encounter on exams up to one week prior to the exam; 2) peer-instruction activities during the lecture session; 3) TA-facilitated context-rich cooperative group problem solving during discussion sessions; and 4) student-driven post-exam review sessions in which students develop their own exam solutions, and participate in a “gallery stroll” where they view and discuss each other’s solutions.  All of these elements are designed to support student learning, and to create an integrated pedagogical system.


Join us for an informal discussion and exchange of ideas!

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