CSME Exchange discusses course transformation RFP (Sept 15)


The Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CSME) is pleased to present the CSME Exchange, an interactive brown bag discussion for faculty, students, and staff. The next CSME Exchange is:

Department-Driven Course and Curriculum Improvement:
A Request for Proposals

This discussion will explore the new funding opportunity offered by the College of Science to update instructional practices in science and math courses at the departmental level. We will discuss the components of the RFP and the resources available to support the development and implementation of projects. An overview of evidence-based instructional practices will be provided. Discussion leaders include:

  • Henry White, Dean, College of Science
  • Diane Pataki, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, College of Science
  • Jordan Gerton, Director, CSME
  • Holly Godsey, Director of Student Success & Teacher Development, CSME

Thursday, September 15, 2016
INSCC room 345
Lunch will be provided


Join us for an informal discussion and exchange of ideas!

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