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Jordan Gerton

Director of CSME and Associate Professor of Physics

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I received my Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Arizona and my Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Physics from Rice University under the direction of Randall Hulet, where I researched Bose-Einstein condensation of low-temperature lithium gases.  I spent my postdoctoral years at the California Institute of Technology with Steve Quake, where I developed a research program in nanophotonics and molecular biophysics.  I have had a number of formative experiences over the years that have stoked my passion for math and science education and have driven me to leadership roles in these areas; these include a semester as a visiting instructor at Pomona College, a year as team captain of the swim team at Arizona, and the many interactions with thousands of students at the University of Utah over the years.  Math and Science are among the most important and impactful human pursuits, and I am committed to helping student of all ages and backgrounds develop a passion for and proficiency in these enabling disciplines.

Director’s Message

The University of Utah is a regional watershed for students from diverse backgrounds, and the Center for Science & Mathematics Education (CSME) is committed to helping all students in this watershed achieve success in math and science disciplines.  To pursue this commitment, CSME faculty and staff work on a broad portfolio of programs and activities spanning the entire educational spectrum, ranging from the K-12 through post-graduate years.  Our staff are extremely dedicated and passionate with years of experience in teacher development, community engagement, and math/science education.  I invite you to browse our staff pages and to visit our programs and projects pages to learn who we are and what we do in more detail.  I also invite you to visit us in person or send us a message if you’d like to explore possibilities for collaboration.


All the best,

Jordan Gerton
CSME Director