CSME Mission & History

We empower students from all backgrounds to succeed in math and science by

  • Enhancing the quality and equity of K-12 math and science instruction in Utah
  • Promoting the academic success and career readiness of undergraduate students in math and science at the University of Utah
  • Increasing access for K-12 students to high-quality math and science experiences at the University of Utah

The Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CSME) was provisionally established in 2009 to provide a bridge between the College of Science and College of Education at the University of Utah. In 2012, the CSME achieved permanent center status. With an initial focus on developing a more sustainable math and science teacher education program, CSME has since broadened its mission to promote success in math and science for K-12 and undergraduate students. Throughout its work, CSME demonstrates a strong commitment to broadening participation of underrepresented populations in math and science.

The CSME was founded by Hugo Rossi, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and CSME Director from 2009-2011. Nalini Nadkarni, Professor of Biology, directed CSME from 2011-2014. Jordan Gerton, Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy, has served as CSME Director since 2014.