Information on the Search Process

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Although a central Executive Committee will make hiring recommendations for this cluster hire, each participating department will be engaged in the process from the beginning. The search process will follow these general steps:

  1. Candidates will apply online using the appropriate application portals for the DBER (Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy) or the Experienced Mathematics Educator position.
  2. Each department will conduct an initial review of applicants via a departmental subcommittee and will look for alignment with the department’s education vision and priorities. Departmental virtual interviews (e.g. Zoom) will be conducted in Fall, 2018.
  3. A pool of 3-5 candidates will be forwarded by each department to the Executive Committee (target date: November 1, 2018).
  4. The Executive Committee, with representation from the College of Science and College of Education, will consider candidate combinations based on the potential for synergy and connectivity and will extend in-person interview invitations to selected finalists (target date: November 30, 2018).
  5. Campus interviews for finalists will be scheduled as soon as possible; up to three candidates will be hired.

Executive Committee Members:

Search Coordinator: Emily Gaines, Center for Science & Mathematics Education

Please direct inquiries regarding this search to