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The Department of Mathematics is seeking a well-established faculty member with strong research background in mathematics and extensive experience leading educational programs, to provide vision and leadership for the Math Education Group. This group consists of several faculty members and aims to enhance math education for current and future K-12 teachers. This position will lead the group in coordination with Center for Science and Mathematics Education and the College of Education, the Utah System of Higher Education, and Math Education groups at other institutions of higher education in the state.

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Department Overview

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Utah is highly ranked among universities in the United States for excellence in teaching and research.  As a department, our goal is to ensure that every student (undergraduate and graduate) benefits from a rigorous and effective mathematics education that enhances skills within the discipline or in other fields.  We prepare our students for meaningful and transformative careers in a number of ways, including exceptional learning experiences, research experiences, and other extra-curricular activities.  Faculty research interests include algebraic geometry, applied mathematics, commutative algebra, geometry & topology, mathematical biology, number theory, probability and statistics, and representation theory.

The Department of Mathematics offers thriving undergraduate and graduate programs. In 2017-2018, it awarded:

  • 85 Bachelor’s degrees in mathematics
  • 3 Master’s degrees in Mathematics
  • 4 Master of Statistics degrees
  • 7 Master in Mathematics-Teaching degrees
  • 14 PhD degrees in Mathematics
Current Education Initiatives

K-12 Math Teacher Preparation

The Math Education Group in the Department of Mathematics oversees several teacher preparation activities and programs, including:

In addition, professional development opportunities such as the Teachers’ Math Circle are offered for practicing teachers.

Undergraduate Math Education

A variety of student-centered initiatives have been implemented in the department, including: 1) a Learning Assistant program, where undergraduates facilitate group learning in large enrollment courses; 2) a Math Center, offering undergraduates free tutoring, computer lab access, and study space, as well as tutoring, grading, and computer lab assistant positions to advanced undergraduates; 3) REU opportunities to engage undergraduates in research; 4) an Undergraduate Problem Solving Contest which runs through the academic year; and 5) an undergraduate colloquium to acquaint students with the different areas of mathematics pursued by faculty within the department. The department also participates in the ACCESS Program for Women in Science & Mathematics. Enhanced advising, as well as extra lab sections for lower-division courses, have also been implemented to improve student success, and a number of scholarships are awarded every year to incoming freshmen, transfer students, and continuing undergraduate students.

As part of its outreach efforts, the department offers a Summer High-School program, runs the Math Circle for high-school students, and participates in the Science Day at the U offered by the College of Science. The department also runs student chapters for the Association of Women in Mathematics and the SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics).

Goals & Priorities in Math Education

Through the Math Education Group and in collaboration with the College of Education, College of Science, Center for Science & Mathematics Education, K-12 public schools, and the Utah State Board of Education, the department seeks to form excellent K-12 teachers for a better elementary and secondary math education while fostering community by bringing teachers together and improving teacher recruitment and retention.

The Department of Mathematics has a tradition in leadership in mathematics education in the state, has raised that impact to a national level, and looks forward to further developing its national leadership role.

Key Education Personnel
Amanda Cangelosi– Instructor (Lecturer)
Maggie Cummings – Instructor (Lecturer)
Kelly MacArthur – Instructor (Lecturer) and Assistant Department Chair
Rebecca Noonan-Heale – Instructor (Lecturer)
Michael van Opstall– Associate Professor (Lecturer)
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