Building a Faculty Cluster in Math & Science Education

**Please note: The 2018-2019 cluster search has concluded.** 

The University of Utah aspires to become a center for world-class scholarship in math and science education. Our long-term goal is to have education scholars embedded in each of the four departments in the College of Science. In the current phase of this multi-year strategic hiring initiative, we are seeking up to three faculty members who could be appointed in Chemistry, Mathematics, and/or Physics & Astronomy; joint appointments are possible. Successful candidates will work as a collaborative team of education-focused scholars to advance two priorities:

  1. improving and enhancing undergraduate education in math and science
  2. increasing the number and/or improving the efficacy of K-12 math and science teachers

Through self-reflection, each department in the College of Science produced an education vision statement that was used to create two complementary job descriptions – one for discipline-based education research (DBER) scholars in Science, and one for an Experienced Mathematics Educator.   

The faculty search process is being coordinated by the Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CSME), an independent center at the University of Utah that bridges the College of Science and College of Education.

View the links on this page for more information about the Science DBER and Math Educator positions, departments in the College of Science, and hiring process. For additional information, please contact us.

Description of Available Positions

We seek to hire a synergistic group of up to three faculty members. View the Math Educator and Science DBER position descriptions.

Who We Are

Click the links below for education profiles, priorities, and initiatives for each department in the College of Science:

Biology                            Chemistry
Mathematics                  Physics & Astronomy

To learn more, view the list of existing cluster members and read About the U

Information About the Search Process

The search process will involve a coordinated effort across the College of Science and College of Education. Offers will be extended in Spring semester 2019.