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Upcoming Math Lecture

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Science Filmmaking Workshop

The CSME is pleased to announce the 3rd annual Science Filmmaking Workshop from May 5-9 at the University of Utah. This intensive workshop, taught by two National Geographic documentary filmmakers, provides effective tools and training for faculty, staff, students, and other community members who wish to use the medium of film to disseminate scientific and/or mathematic information. Click here for more information!


2014 MSSST Science Cohort Announced

The 2014 MSSST Science Cohort is now open and accepting applications. For more information, click on the pdf below.

MSSST Sci 2014 Ad Final

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Math is beautiful.

Engraving detail from Perspecitva Corporum Regularium c. 1568 by Wenzel Jamnitzer

Image courtesy of Ian McSheffeild
University of Utah

Romanesco broccoli, or Roman cauliflower, is an edible flower that displays near perfect self-symmetry.